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Registration & Login

Below is a guide on how to register an account and login, all members who want to create a website are required to have a Fyrno account.

How to Register

Visit the Registration page, please complete the registration form such as, full name, email, select country, and create a password.

How to Login

Visit the Login page, please enter the email and password that has been registered previously.


After a successful login, you will go to the Dashboard page on this page all the websites you have created will appear on this menu.

Action – Edit

To edit the website.

Action – View

To view the website view.

Action – Delete

To delete a website.

Icon Package
Edit Package

The icon allows you to upgrade/downgrade your website subscription.


This menu will display the complete statistics of your affiliate account from the list of registered websites, your earnings to the commission withdrawal form.


Active is a website that is active, Expired is a website that is no longer active, Pending Payment, earnings that are still pending, Available Withdraw is your earnings that you can withdraw.

Client Websites
Client affiliate

List of websites listed through your affiliate link.

Withdraw History

Commission withdrawal history.

Withdraw Request
Withdraw Form

Form to make a commission withdrawal request.


In this menu you can change your profile picture, full name, and other contact information to be displayed throughout your website.


Fill in the password if you want to change your Fyrno account password.


On the menu you can use the features available according to the website package you have


On this page you will see a list of messages along with the full contact details of visitors who fill out the send message form on your website.

Send Email
send mail

On this page you can send messages through the business email that you have previously created.


To exit from member area.


To start creating a website.